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photo by Marvin Hall
2017 Cross Country Team
Back Row L to R: Madilyn Zwemer, Courtney Hughes, Cassidy McGeorge, Natalie Wallas, Cassidy West, Megan Schafer, Ainsley Vanderlaan, Melanie Vukovich, Sarah Padilla, Abby Conway, Emily Waybright, Kelsey Kehren, Elizabeth Verburg,  coach Fred Hutchinson
Middle Row L to R: Brenda Duchene, Ella Van Fossen, Ashley Witham, Anna Davis, Hannah Schafer, Bella Eallonardo, Cheryl Johnson, Emily Shippey, Sharon Piedra-Vargas, Claudia Baryo, Claire Davidson
Front Row L to R: Ella Baryo, Lauren Petrie, Kaitlyn Waldrop, Michaela Donahue, Grace Buckland
Not Shown: Reyna Estrada, Emily Sochay, Rebecca Rapisarda, Praew Charernrat
Coached by Fred Hutchinson

Claudia Baryo

Grace Buckland, Courtney Hughes, Ella Baryo

Hannah Schafer, Megan Schafer

Anna Davis, Brenda Duchene, Sarah Padilla

Ainsley Vanderlaan, Kelsey Kehren

Cheryl Johnson, Claire Davidson, Natalie Wallas, Sharon Piedra-Vargas

Elizabeth Verburg, Michaela Donahue

Melanie Vukovich, Cassidy West, Abby Conway, Lauren Petrie

Kaitlyn Waldrop, Emily Waybright

Emily Sochay, Cassidy McGeorge, Reyna Estrada

Ella Van Fossen, Madilyn Zwemer

Ashley Witham, Praew Charernrat, Emily Shippey, Bella Eallonardo
MSU Invitational photos by Playmakers. Fitzgerald Park, EL, GLI, Regionals photos by Jim Shirey

2017 results

5th Portage Early Bird
*25-36 Ionia
*17-46 Potterville
5th Averill Inv
21st MSU Inv (Elite)
2nd CAAC Blue Jamboree
7th Coaching Legends
27th Portage Inv
2nd Greater Lansing Inv
1st CAAC-Blue Conference
6th Regionals
Matrix of girls's times
2017 PRs
Additional photos on Flicker
2017 Boys
2017 archived homepage
2017 notes:
Led by senior Claudia Bayro and freshman upstart Grace Buckland
   Alumna Krista Magness runs for MSU

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