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photo by Marvin Hall
2022 Cross Country Team
Front Row:  Elsa Gomez, Lydia Jagger, Avianna Skinner
Middle Row:  Emily Wallas, Lauren Hamilton, Amelia Cornell, Madison Lira, Kambree Eberly, Kaitlyn Snook, Taylor Pangburn, Hannah Pouillon
Back Row:  Katie Schupbach, Grace Brooks, coach Fred Hutchinson
Not Shown:  Emma Shilton, Ryleigh Mauk, Madison Aten, Lauren Verburg, Anya Heany, Anna Giulia Do Ceara
Coached by Fred Hutchinson (16th year)

Taylor Pangburn

Avianna Skinner, Lauren Hamilton

Madison Aten, Madison Lira

Kaitlyn Snook, Lydia Jagger

Kambree Eberly, Elsa Gomez

Amelia Cornell, Anya Heany, Lauren Verburg

Grace Brooks, Katie Schupbach

Hannah Pouillon, Emily Wallas, Anna Giulia Do Ceara

Coach Hutchinson

Seniors: Kaitlyn Snook, Lauren Hamilton, Taylor Pangburn, Madison Lira

Shoes are overrated
photos by Jim Shirey and StudioM
2022 results

2nd Under the Lights Inv
2nd Saranac Inv
5th Averill Inv
16th MSU Inv Elite Div
2nd CAAC Blue Jamboree
13th Blue Jay Inv Elite Div
8th Greater Lansing Inv
2nd CAAC Blue Conference
1st James Clyde JV Inv
6th Regionals
Matrix of girls's times
2022 PRs
All time PRs:
9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade
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2022 Boys
2022 archived homepage
2022 notes:  Continued great running by senior Taylor Pangburn.
Last year she missed All State by one place and less than 2 seconds. She was the lone qualifier this year and finished 47th at States on a very wet and windy day.
The team had a strong core with several promising freshman runners

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Last updated 28 Oct 2022